Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Led Zeppelin Rehearsals come to vinyl & more Pink Floyd.

"The Final Rehearsal" has finally landed amongst the various different CD versions of these new tapes having been released to the general ( underground ) public. 

 A 2 LP set of the main part of the rehearsals, also released by Japanese bootlegger Tarantura but with an apparent mixing down of Jimmy Page's guitar, these are soundboard tapes & won't sound better than these on vinyl.
The Godfather Records has managed to find the full rehearsals & will also be submitting these to CD this month. However as the Godfather release has had judicious editing performed to make the rehearsals sound whole I suspect these are from the cut up tapes that were released just prior to the full thing. We'll keep you updated as to the sound quality ..

 Also recently released are "Astronomy Domine" & "Remember A Day" on the Swingin' Dog label. Each fitting under a banner of their respective years - either 1967 or 1968.

 The track listing for "Astronomy Domine" brings us various early PF tracks that almost seem to mirror AA's Barrett release from earlier on this year although these LPs are all pressed on black vinyl as opposed to the coloured vinyls that AA use.

 "Remember A Day" is more of a mixed bag. The A side features three tracks broadcast on Dutch TV & played in Rome in 1968. The B side features Dave Gilmour's televised tribute to keyboardist Richard Wright on 'Later With Jools Holland' in February, 2008. The remainder of the side is made up by various mono mixes from 1968's singles & the remaining Barrett written track from A Saucerful Of Secrets.

The sleeves are the usual glossy, hi-shine production using era correct photos & are pressed on solid, heavy vinyl. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Dylan & U2 Boots!

Newly released are these colourful slabs of wax for your summer delectation : 

First up is this new U2 release, recorded from previous tours & the stops in Frankfurt, Germany on Side 1 & tracks from Paris, France on side 2. 

 The recordings are very good soundboard although they're broken up between songs so missing the flow a little. 
 Side 1; Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt, Germany. August 10th 2010
Miss Sarajevo

Side 2; Stade de France, Saint-Denis, Paris. July 12th 2009
No Line On The Horizon
Angel Of Harlem / "Michael Jackson Medley"
Stuck In A Moment
Pride In The Name of Love

Bob Dylan "Rumblin' Through New York"

A copy of the venerable Hollow Horn's "Stolen Moments" CD from Town Hall, New York City, NY - April 12th, 1963.
No muddy mastering, no messing about. Pressed over 2 LPs in different coloured vinyls, 180 grm weight & limited to 500 worldwide. For anyone who missed the CDs or like the vinyl these should be the ones to collect.  


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pink Floyd "Roma 1971"

A large new Pink floyd release on the Pigs On The Groove label ( William Stout - We've only you to blame! )
For the first time on vinyl the Rome 1971 show complete on green, white & red vinyl. An expensive treat to yourself but worth every thing. Limited to 300 numbered copies too. 

Monday, 30 May 2011

Pink Floyd "Opening In Philly" New 2 x LP set.

As if "Immersion" wasn't enough, hot on the heals of the announcement  of the new Pink Floyd remasters & rare releases sets comes this new vinyl set - A 2 x wax set ( on red vinyl ) of the bands show in Philadelphia, PA on the 28th September, 1970.
Originally released on silver disk by the Sirene label in Japan it is now pressed & presented for audiophiles in the best presentation. Apparently as a limited number of 88 the pressing also includes a version on black wax for that full audiophile experience ( Coloured vinyl apparently decreasing the quality of the sound )
I'll post a review when I find the vinyl .. in the meantime, check out the design ..

I've also found this ( very, very short ) spot of footage from the show on youtube. Check it out: 

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Yes, it's been a while .. Between writing reviews I've been gigging & listening so thank you for bearing with me.
Here's photos of the new Wonder Minnow Vinyl from Newport .. The Gaslight will follow later on today ..

The sticker that adorns the front. 

Individually numbered. 

The liner for the LP. Printed on thick card. 

This release was pressed on either blue or red vinyl. 

The rear view. 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Pink Floyd Over Bradford - NEW!

From the flyer : 

"Pink Floyd -  Over Bradford,  Super rare  2 LP set color vinyl
This performance was recorded in England at the Great Hall of the Bradford University, Bradford, Yorkshire on October 10TH 1971, complete show.
This good audience recording is super rare and was never released on vinyl.
For complete  tracking list, please look at the pictures.
This 2 LP record set comes in a very nice heavy duty full color cartoon sleeve with a very unusual design and gatefold system.
Records are in color vinyl, the first is Silver/grey color and the second record is yellow/gold. 


Pigs On The Groove is a new label to me. Hopefully we'll see more & more rare Floyd vinyl appear as the label grows.  
The concert has also appeared on Sigma's 2009 release Bradford 1971 but whether the audio is the same then we'll have to wait & see .. 

Another Title from Wonder Minnow ..

Backwards production. It's usually been the reserve of manufacturers to announce releases & then get around to releasing them a little while later but the new label Wonder Minnow ( A YD offshoot? ) has announced it's second volume first & it's first volume second ..
So for it's second announcement but first release we have :

Available on either Red or Blue wax ( As is WM's Newport release ). More Info as we get it .. 

The HMCs arrive ..

The wax now in hand ( An eye popping red colour or a deep blue ) should make most Beatles fans salivate .. While we take time to go through the vinyl & CD in full please take a look at the package .. Review to follow shortly ..



Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Syd Barrett "The Malcolm Jones & Peter Jenner Tapes" Review.

Now that this vinyl is in hand ( in black, green, blue & smoked brown wax fans! ) we can start to take apart the contents & see what we have thats new. With regards to the contents these are from far superior tapes than the internet compiled release / torrent "Have You Got It Yet" as they are direct from the shared studio tapes of Malcolm & Peter Jenner.
As most of the tracks were originally featured in my "Psychedelic Freak Out" review - here - then I've only written about the takes that are unique to this selection.

Syd Barrett "The Malcolm Jones & Peter Jenner Tapes" 
Aurora Australis AA 120111-2 - 2011.

Side one or "A" is a 5 track tape compiled my Malcolm Jones at Abbey Rd studio, St. Johns Wood, London in August of 1987 for possible inclusion on the 'Opel' album of Barrett outtakes & miscellaneous
Wouldn't You Miss Me
Take One
The song that would also come to be known as "Dark Globe" made it's first appearance on the Barrett album 'The Madcap Laughs' & would also title Syd's "Greatest hits" comp in 2001.
The track famously skips around and about in tempo - a challenge that wouldn't make his fellow musicians warm to him but he was mainly in the mood to wind his band mates up before his rejection from Pink Floyd
Swan Lee ( Silas Lang )
Take Six
The initial warm up or persecutor to "Swan Lee", "Silas Lang" was another of those tracks that wound up his fellow musicians in the studio - Syd having drafted in a saxophonist & banjo player from his group of hippyish friends. Lighter in touch than most of the rest of his output the track was attempted multiple times with & without various overdubs & other instruments.
Scream Thy Last Scream
Take Four
Vegetable Man
Unknown Take
The two famously unreleased tracks from "Saucerful Of Secrets."
She Took A Long Cold Look At Me
Take Five
Very possibly another veiled jab at this former band members after Syd's unturfing from the group or maybe just more psychedelia based randomness. The famous notation that Syd had with him to sing from can be clearly heard
In The Beechwoods [ Backing Track ]
Take Four
Described as "Some thing that we did after (See) "Emily" (Play)" by Nick Mason on the Beachwood tapes this Motown-ish stomper still hold a lot of the variable chords & melted rhythms that pinpointed the Floyd's direction. It's rather glorious if not cyclical but would have sounded fantastic played out live.  

Side Two or "B" is a compilation made by Jones for his own personal use & would be played for fans of Syd & the Floyd who had ventured to Jones' house to speak to him about his tenure producing the band. Most of these tracks are snippets & pieces like a work in progress both pre-over dubs & after the fact mixes
Love You
Take One
Love You
( Possibly ) Take Two
"Love You" was a jolly little skiffle gadabout that threw in more "Soon - Moon - June" lyrics than most musicians manage in a career. Reminiscent of walks by the sea side in the brisk summer air or Buddy Holly meets Cleethorpes. Take one is played very quickly, Take two is played a lot slower although Syd almost keeps pace with his lyrics throughout both versions. Malcolm Jones seems to remember that take 3 was a break down ( Which is possibly why it isn't included on this tape ) & take 4 would be the take used for the finished product.
Long Gone
( Remake of  ) Take One
Stepping down to a lonely pace of mind. Another of Syd's eerily haunting & prothetic songs. played fully acoustically
Lanky - Part Two
Take One
A tribal beat led instrumental that makes no real moves. It features none of Syd's drastic changes in tempo or weirded out lyrics.
Clowns & Jugglers - ( 1 )
Take One
An early version of "Octopus". Here under pinned by a deathless & angry guitarline. Towards the end Syd plays a disconcertingly out of tune guitar riff.  It seems to feature an amalgamation of various different pieces but that could possibly be the way it was played ..   
( Possibly ) Take 11
A very brief version of the 'Madcap .. ' track without double tracking.
Clowns & Jugglers - ( 2 )
Take Two
As With the first take but the feed back guitar is taken away to feature a wigged out keyboard part that squeltches
Take Nine
Syd begins this with "That's two verses, sorry.. I'll do it again" before whipping in to this acoustic track. Someone whoops as the song reaches the end of it's intro.
Swan Lee - ( 1 )
Take One
An instrumental version of this track accompanied by shuffling drum sounds
Swan Lee - ( 2 )
Take Five
Now with added lyrics once the band had decided that the form of the song was complete.
No Title
Unknown Take
Possibly an improvised groove. Syd adds various licks underneath a
Vegetable Man 
Unknown Take
Vegetable Man
Unknown Take
Two very rough versions of this unreleased track taken from the "Beachwoods" tape. The fidelity is anything but Hi & they have appeared on various bootlegs since but they are included to round out our listening experience. The second version bearing no resemblance to the first but being more of an allsorts jam session featuring clattering, wild drumming by Nick & stretches of shapeless guitar playing.  

Side 3 or "C" is from a copy of Peter Jenner's personal reel ( now lost ) compiling sessions from the initial sessions for "The Madcap Laughs" & "Barrett" & adding a couple of unreleased Pink Floyd tracks for good measure.
Milky Way
Take Five
The same take as "Opal" but with spoken count in. 
Wouldn't You Miss Me
Take One
A double tracked version. Syd deliberately misses the initial vocal track to give off a disjointed feeling & just sings the tune his own way.
Silas Lang
Take One
Take Nine
As on side 2 but without the spoken count in to the track. This was to be the 'best' take selected from these sessions but to Malcolm's mind this wasn't even the best take that *could have been*
Untitled ( Words )
Take One
A simple song that treks along with it's only (!) lyrics being various words that Barrett had pulled out from his dictionary that obviously reflects Syd's love of words. It features only one chord throughout the verses & between these is made up of various chord progressions.
Birdy Hop 
Take One
Beginning with a take announcement a twee little song about a small bird. This is the unvarnished version of the track that saw inclusion on "Opal" & we hear a Barrett alone in the studio unfettered by the odd echos that were drafted in afterwards.
Silas Lang ( Swan Lee )
( Take One With Overdubs )
Vegetable Man
Unknown Take
Another take of Syd's semi - autobiographical tirade. Indeed it was Jenner who said "He had to go and record and, because a song was needed, he just wrote a description of what he was wearing at the time..." It's an unnoted take from the vaults. 

Side 4 or "D" is a collection of tracks ( From EMI Job Number 56802 that was recorded on Monday 12th August 1974 ) for the aborted 3rd album that should have followed "The Madcap Laughs" & "Barrett" plus a couple of additional tracks that were found on the tapes.
Scream Thy Last Scream
Take Four
From the first generation dub of a tape that was compiled by Peter Jenner.
Boogie #1
Boogie #2
Boogie #3
If You Go #1
Ballad ( Unfinished )
Chooka-Chooka Chug Chug
If You Go #2
Slow Boogie
"John Lee Hooker"
Fast Boogie
Tracks 2 - 11 are essentially wordless guitar strums by Barrett in the blues forms that he had played in his formative years. None of these are fully fleshed out or formed ideas but give a portent idea to where Syd's head was at the time. They vary between a fast jammed blues with extra guitar accompaniment to more spacy, sparse guitar led tracks. The jam titled "John lee Hooker" is no misnomer having the same kind of styles as the blues guitarist himself.
Silas Lang
Take One
Including the engineer's ( Peter Jenner ? ) announcement "Silas Land - this is RM1 from 4 Track. RM1"  A mono mix of the track from Side three. For all of those of you that like to spot the differences ..