Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Dylan & U2 Boots!

Newly released are these colourful slabs of wax for your summer delectation : 

First up is this new U2 release, recorded from previous tours & the stops in Frankfurt, Germany on Side 1 & tracks from Paris, France on side 2. 

 The recordings are very good soundboard although they're broken up between songs so missing the flow a little. 
 Side 1; Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt, Germany. August 10th 2010
Miss Sarajevo

Side 2; Stade de France, Saint-Denis, Paris. July 12th 2009
No Line On The Horizon
Angel Of Harlem / "Michael Jackson Medley"
Stuck In A Moment
Pride In The Name of Love

Bob Dylan "Rumblin' Through New York"

A copy of the venerable Hollow Horn's "Stolen Moments" CD from Town Hall, New York City, NY - April 12th, 1963.
No muddy mastering, no messing about. Pressed over 2 LPs in different coloured vinyls, 180 grm weight & limited to 500 worldwide. For anyone who missed the CDs or like the vinyl these should be the ones to collect.  


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